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A fresh cut in Bully Rock.

Quality Landscaping



Grass and turf in the Mid-Atlantic Region requires a little more attention than just a mow and blow service. Our Crews at T.A.P.’s will mow to a height of 3 ½” to 4 ½” depending on thickness of grass and growing conditions. Lawn will be manicured in opposite directions to deter ruts and scalping. Obstacles will be trimmed around and hard surfaces will be power edged. All hard surfaces and flowerbeds will have grass clippings blown or swept.




Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your flowerbeds. This is the act of placing a protective barrier (mulch) around your plants and over your bare soil. Mulching prevents soil erosion, controls weeds and retains moisture to help your plants during hot and dry periods. At T.A.P.’s, we edge all beds and remove old mulch as necessary. All mulch is hand spread and installed for a neat, clean appearance.

Mulch choices include;

  • Natural Hardwood

  • Black dyed Hardwood

  • Brown dyed Hardwood

  • Red dyed Hardwood


Maintenance and Pruning

Maintenance of flower beds is important to allow plants and trees to thrive, as well as maintain a neat, clean appearance. T.A.P.’s can help with all of your flower bed maintenance, including but not limited to:

  • Spring & Fall bed clean-up

  • Weeding (Manual & pre-emergent)

  • Pruning of Shrubs & Bushes

  • Thinning & raising of Crape myrtles & trees



Annual Flowers & Color

Throughout the seasons in the Mid-Atlantic Region, different annual flowers are installed at different times to maintain color and appeal to your property. T.A.P.’s can help you maintain a colorful property all season long.


Leaf Removal

Trees throughout spring and summer may look beautiful, but once the leaves come down in the fall your yard may look like a brown sea of disrepair. Leaf removal is actually important for the health of your lawn, as the layer of leaves prevent sunlight and could cause mold during the wet winter months. Here at T.A.P.’s, we have the resources to remove the leaves from your property and leave you with a clean, neat appearance.



Aeration & Overseed

Aeration and overseeding is an often overlooked service to maintain and improve the health of your lawn. Aeration involves “plugging” the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. The main reason for aerating is to lessen soil compaction. Lawns with high traffic areas especially, are in need of aerating once a year. This helps the roots grow deeper and produce a stronger, healthier lawn.


Just like anything else, grass has a lifespan. Over time, your lawn may look “worn out” or bare in some spots. Overseeding helps rejuvenate lawns every year. Overseeding is the planting of grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf, or the soil.


T.A.P.’s crews can take on the task of aerating and overseeding your lawn when the time is right to help maintain a healthier, beautiful looking lawn.




Neglect of your lawn? Want an instant, beautiful, healthy lawn? We here at T.A.P.’s can install sod for instant results. Sod is best installed in fall or early spring, but can be installed any time of year with proper maintenance. Sod is an easy way get that instant beautiful lawn you have always wanted. T.A.P.’s will remove your old lawn, re-grade or add soil as needed and install lush sod. Sod takes 2-3 weeks of everyday watering to become established. Once established, your lawn is like it has been there for years.




Water puddling or flowing, especially towards your house, can become very costly in the long run. Diverting or carrying water away from your house can easily done by our crews here at T.A.P.’s. From creating swales or berms, to downspout drainage pipes or French drains, T.A.P.’s can handle every type of drainage job.



Design/ Install Services

Our staff here at T.A.P.’s can design and install all your planting needs to rejuvenate your property. From a small new flowerbed to a whole property rejuvenation, we will make sure your dreams become a reality. Don’t forget to ask about our 1 year warranty on all plantings.



Grading/ Excavation/ Skid Loader Services

We here at T.A.P.’s have the equipment for all your grading and excavation needs. From re-grading your lawn, to installing gravel driveways or digging a trench, no job to big or small.



Brush Removal

From clearing your woods line, to thinning the underbrush in your woods or just cutting down your field. We have the equipment for all your brush cutting or removal needs.

Hardscapes (Retaining Walls, Patios)

Our hardscape teams make sure every last detail is taken care of. From retaining walls, to patios or garden borders. Our staff will work with you to design the hardscape of your dreams. Do not forget to ask about our 3 year warranty on all hardscape projects.



Holiday Decorating

The Holiday season can be a busy time for most people and Holiday decorating may be forgotten about. Let T.A.P.’s handle decorating so you can focus on other tasks. From designing what decorations to install to even just installing your old decorations, no decorating job is too small. Commercial or residential, roof to garland, does not matter. T.A.P.’s will install and take down your decorations.



Hauling/ Dumpster rental

T.A.P.’s now offers 15 yard dumpster rentals. We can leave a dumpster for you to fill or we can load it up for you. T.A.P.’s offers bulk trash removal, garage or basement clean-outs, as well as small demotion services.


Snow Removal

In the Mid-Atlantic region, winter can be unpredictable. T.A.P.’s staff monitors the changing weather constantly and is always ready to provide snow and ice removal services at a moment’s notice. Commercial or Residential, our snow and ice removal services include;

  • Snow Removal Action Plans

  • Snow plowing for parking lots and roadways

  • Sidewalk snow removal

  • Driveway snow removal

  • Snow relocating (hauling)

  • Salt and de-icing services

  • Pre-treatment to prevent ice build up

Our Snow and Ice removal pricing plans can be done;

  • Hourly

  • Per inch

  • Per Clearing

  • Seasonal


Call today, as it is never too early to start thinking and planning for snow removal services.

Maintenance and Pruning
Flowers and Color
Leaf Removal
Aeration and Overseeding
Design Install Services
Brush Removal
Holiday Decorating
Hauling Dumpster Rental
Snow Removal
Grading Excavation etc
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